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On-site RepairsOn-site Repairs

We come to your home or office to resolve your IT issues. There are no call out fees and our service is backed by a ‘No Fix, No Fee’ guarantee. Our vehicles carry the necessary replacement parts to complete most repairs and any other parts can be ordered in.

Data RecoveryData Recovery

We can recover your valuable data from failed or damaged drives and can ‘undelete’ files that have been accidently deleted. Due to the time it can take to recover lost data from drives, this service is not carried out on-site and your affected equipment may need to be removed from site.

Point of Sale and RetailPoint of Sale and Retail

We have 16 years experience with Point of Sale Systems and Retail. We are registered providers of Point of Sale equipment and can provide and install everything you need to get your business running smoothly.

Pharmacy IndustryPharmacy Industry

The Pharmacy Industry is where we began and we understand all of it’s complicated aspects. From the Dispense System, Point of Sale System, PharmX Gateway and Script Exchanges to the different software packages such as FRED, AMFAC, SIMPLE and LOTS.

MaintenancePlansProactive Maintenance Plans

Our affordable Maintenance Plans allows us to remotely monitor and manage your computers and network for a range of problems. Our advanced software monitors your equipment 24×7 365 days a year and can detect issues with equipment and software before they become known to you. Critical issues are sent to our technicians via an SMS Alert and the detailed reports will isolate the exact cause quickly.

Cloud Storage and BackupCloud Storage and Backup

What would happen if you lost your business data or family photos? We offer cloud storage and backup solutions so that you can be sure that your valuable data is secure. Your data can can be easily accessed by you over the Internet at anytime and all data is stored in an encrypted format and protected from unauthorised eyes.

Virus RemovalVirus Removal

Our Virus Removal Service removes viruses, trojans, spyware, riskware, maleware and ransomeware from your Server, PC or Laptop and restores your computer to normal working order. We can also provide and install an antivirus solution to ensure that your computers are protected against future infections.

System AuditsSystem Audits

We can audit your existing hardware, networks, cabling and software to determine if your operating efficiently. The audit also includes security audits that check backup procedures, antivirus, power protection and other vital checks that will alert you to risks that you may not be aware of.

Remote SupportRemote Support

We offer remote support to clients to quickly resolve minor issues. We connect to the target machine over the Internet and remotely control it to help clients with issues like software and printer configurations. Note: Clients control when and where we log in and systems are not exposed to unauthorised access.

Sales and InstallationSales and Installation

We provide a wide range of hardware equipment and deliver them straight to your office or home. If you are located on the NSW Central Coast, we can also offer you an installation service so you don’t need to worry about configuring the equipment yourself and will ensure everything is working correctly.

System Upgrades and RebuildsSystem Upgrades and Rebuilds

Sometimes computers need to be upgraded or rebuilt. Our Upgrade and Rebuild service identifies what course of action needs to be taken to improve the efficiency and reliability of your computer systems and will ensure that your valuable data is protected.

Tailored System DesignTailored System Design

Weather your a business or a residential client, our technicians can tailor make a system design to suit your individual needs, circumstance and budget.

VIRUS Warning: CryptoLocker

VIRUS Warning:  CryptoLocker

A new variant of the CryptoLocker virus has been released around the world and we have already seen a couple of fresh infections. This ransomware infects your PC’s, external drives, pen drives and even entire networks. Once infected, it locks any files found in these locations by encrypting them with a randomly generated key ...

Why do people risk their security just to save a f...

Why do people risk their security just to save a few of bucks?

Computers and the Internet have provided the bad guys with so many new ways to find and exploit victims, all without ever having to leave their homes. Everyday millions of us invite these undesirables into our homes and it's a threat very few take seriously.

PC Wrangler now supporting Apple

PC Wrangler now supporting Apple

PC Wrangler is pleased to announce that, as a response to the many requests we have received over the last year from customers, we have added a qualified Apple Technician to our team. As a result, from Monday 26th of May, PC Wrangler will be fully supporting and supplying the full range of Apple Products! […]

Electricity – The Unseen Threat

Electricity – The Unseen Threat

Ok, now I've got your attention, what is it? To put it simply, Electricity, the very thing needed to keep your new and shiny (and sometimes old and not so shiny) equipment running, can also destroy it.

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