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As advances and affordability in technology improve, more and more businesses and organisations begin to rely on technology to remain competitive, increase profits, improve communications and perform vital statistical analysis on business activity. The reliance can be so great, that the systems and data contained within becomes the lifeblood and the most important asset of the business. If a business or organisation were to lose this asset, the potential for the business to come to a grinding halt increases and in extreme circumstances, may even cease to exist.

Many businesses can’t afford to hire an IT Department and as a result, very few businesses actually understand the importance of maintenance and data security, exposing their business to potential loss of profits, lawsuits and even closure.

That’s where PC Wrangler comes in! At a fraction of the cost, we can act as your IT Department and ensure that you valuable infrastructure and data remain in perfect working order and is secure against loss.


Your Business IT Department, Ready To Respond 24/7

With flexible service arrangements and proactive monitoring, we will keep your business going so you can focus on what really matters, your customers

PC Wrangler Benefits

  • No callout fee. We come to you with fast professional service.
  • ‘No Fix, No fee’ guarantee
  • 30 day warranty on labour
  • All Technicians are fully insured
  • Issues and recommendations explained in “Plain English”
  • Laptop, PC and Mac Repairs
  • Point of Sale Specialists
  • Pharmacy Specialists
  • Technicians are fully stocked with the most common repair components
  • Full service capability including virus removal, data recovery, data protection and power protection
  • Business Network Setups and Internet installations
  • In most cases, issues are resolved and equipment repaired within the appointment (some exceptions apply)
  • Cloud backup and storage
  • Proactive Maintenance plans available to ensure your equipment is operating at its peak
  • Detailed Weekly and Monthly activity reporting
  • Remote Support Service
  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Full System and Security Audit service
  • Full Sales service including all Point of Sale hardware, general hardware, software and custom built PC’s and Laptops
  • Fully detailed invoices that explain the work carried out in “Plain English”

Premium Business Services

MaintenancePlansProactive Maintenance Plans

Our Proactive Maintenance Plans are designed to identify and prevent potential issues before they become business crippling. We use custom built software that monitors all aspects of your Servers, PC’s, Laptops, Mac’s and Android Smart Phones reporting their condition and statistics live using ‘back to base’ monitoring.

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Priority_InvertedPriority On-site Service

We understand time is money and the longer your affected by an issue, the more money you lose. Our priority on-site business service ensures issues are resolved as quickly as possible so that your business is up and running again.

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Point of Sale and RetailPoint of Sale Specialist

We are the only IT company on the Central Coast that has vast experience in Point of Sale and Retail Systems. If you own a retail shop and have a Point of Sale System or want to install a Point of Sale, then look know further. We are suppliers of Point of Sale Software and Hardware and can provide you with a site survey and quote so you can budget to upgrade your existing equipment or get your retail business into Point of Sale.

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Pharmacy IndustryPharmacy IT Specialists

If you own a Pharmacy you will know that it’s a very specialised and unique field, it’s not like general retail. With that in mind, you will be please to know that we have over 16 years experience in the Pharmacy Industry and we understand all it’s ins and outs from the various Point of Sale and Dispense Systems to the PharmX Gateway, eRX and Medisecure Script Exchanges.

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Business Services

On-site RepairsOn-site Service

We come to you! There are no call out fees (emergency after hours excluded) and our service is backed by a ‘No Fix, No Fee’ guarantee. We carry replacement parts to complete most repairs, all you need to do is sit back and relax, we will take care of the rest.

Tailored System DesignTailored System Design

Reliability is key in any business and the equipment and structure design needs to be robust with inbuilt redundancy. From office networks to Point of Sale Systems, our technicians can tailor a System to suit your business needs and budget.

Sales and InstallationSales and Installation

We can provide you with a wide range of products that are delivered directly to your business. If you are located on the NSW Central Coast, we can also offer a hassle free installation service. Did not get the equipment from us? No problem! We will still set it up for you.

System Upgrades and RebuildsSystem Upgrades and Rebuilds

Is your business equipment old and outdated? Running obsolete software? Not sure if it needs replacing? We can provide you with an assessment that will identify if it should be upgraded, rebuilt or replaced and your valuable data will not be lost in the process.

Virus RemovalVirus Removal and Protection

Are one or more of your computers running poorly? Are you getting ‘Pop-ups’? You maybe infected with a virus! Our Virus Removal Service removes Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Riskware, Maleware and Ransomware from your Server, PC or Laptop and we provide antivirus solutions to protect against future infections.

Cloud Storage and BackupCloud Storage and Backup

Data can’t be replaced if its lost, would your business survive? Do you have backups in place and do you frequently check? If you answered ‘No’ to either of these questions then your business is at risk! We offer Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions to ensure your data is secured against any disaster.

Data RecoveryData Recovery

We can recover your valuable data from failed or damaged drives and can ‘undelete’ files that have been accidently deleted. Due to the time it can take to recover lost data from drives, this service is not carried out on-site and your affected equipment may need to be removed from site.

System AuditsBusiness Audits

Our Business Audits check your existing hardware, network, cabling, software, backups, antivirus, power protection and other vital areas for issues. A full report, as well as any recommendations, is provided to help with timescales and budgeting.

Remote SupportRemote Support

We offer a Remote Support Service that enables us to connect to your computers remotely to quickly resolve basic software and hardware configuration issues. This capability allows us to correct minor issues straight away without having to wait for one of our technicians to arrive on-site.

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